The Eau de Parfum for iconic women
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Notes of the Scent

A floral chypre, the fragrance is composed of ingredients that evoke Italy’s vibrancy. Italian accord and Italian tangerine blends with the luminous sweetness of neroli in the top notes. At the heart, lavender – historically used in men's fragrances – is combined with jasmine absolute and white dahlia. Velvety base notes open with suède and violet accords, together with patchouli essential oil.

Master Perfumers

Violaine Collas and
Julie Massé

The Design

A cylindrical glass flacon reveals a blush pink scent, the outer packaging with distinct bands of stripes in black, gold, pink and white. The fragrance and its packaging features sustainable elements. Over 80 percent of the scent is composed of bio technological alcohol, the bottle cap is made of material partly derived from renewable resources, the glass bottle is decorated with water-based varnish, the packaging’s paper made from responsibly renewed forests.


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The first Trussardi perfume dedicated to women
determined to always be in charge of their destiny.
Women who know how to combine ethics and aesthetics.
Women who love justice and beauty and transfer these messages to future generations.


Behind the Scenes

A beautiful woman (Mathilde Brandi) walks through a gorgeous Italian style garden and enters into a parallel world of dreams with the Trussardi perfume. Hypnotic and rhythmic music accompanies her as she walks towards a large neoclassical villa.

Inside the House

Founded as a glove manufacturer in 1911, Nicola Trussardi began invigorating and expanding his grandfather’s company in the 70s by embracing a concept of lifestyle as an accessible fashion brand experience.

Trussardi represented a way of life, prêt-à-vivre – which encompassed everything from clothing and accessories, to home design, art, food, sports and travel.

Today, Trussardi is redefining itself as a lifestyle brand from Milan, where the brand’s headquarters are based.

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